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Our consulting jobs are the place to start your career and build a life-long support network. Learn the in-demand skills you need to build a career on the cutting edge, with no technology experience necessary to apply for our roles, with full training provided.
Get the training you need to boost your existing skillset and to expand it with new
in-demand skills.
Become part of a supportive, inspiring community as you train. Make friendships that will last beyond your career.
Whatever help you need to reach success, our extensive support societies, with special focus on diverse groups, will get you there.
Start off your career working for a global client, giving you recognition and credibility for your resume.
Your training doesn't stop when you start work. We'll help drive continuous professional development to keep you career progressing.
Our hiring and training processes are built to be fast and efficient, getting you in place to start your career as quickly as possible.
What it looks like

Your training

Typical Career Progression

Year 1

Become part of a team working remotely or on a client site. You'll be a valued contributor, taking part in daily stand-ups in an Agile environment. You'll grow your experience with daily mentoring from the Team Lead and Continuous Professional Development towards the main industry standard certification for your technology specialism e.g. Pega CSSA, Splunk Architect.

Year 2

Continue building your experience with remote or on-site work, taking on tasks and projects with increasing velocity and complexity. You'll keep improving the quality of your delivery with continued mentorship and training in your technology specialism.

Years 3-4

You'll start working towards the highest level of industry certification in your specialisation e.g. Pega LSA; Splunk Consultant. You'll also have the chance to specialise your skill set even further to best prepare you for the industry sector you want to work in. You'll start  mentoring junior consultants and take on more planning and leadership activities.

Years 4+

Highly trained and specialised, you'll become an invaluable asset in the industry, taking on responsible and prestigious roles like Development Lead, System Architect and Subject Matter Expert.


Learn your tech

EP 1

5 min
EP 2

4 min
EP 3

4 min
EP 4

4 min
EP 5

6 min
EP 6

5 min
EP 7

3 min
EP 8

2 min
EP 9

3 min
EP 10

2 min
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