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Our consulting jobs are the place to start your career and build a life-long support network. Learn the in-demand skills you need to build a career on the cutting edge, with no technology experience necessary to apply for our roles, with full training provided.
Get the training you need to boost your existing skillset and to expand it with new
in-demand skills.
Become part of a supportive, inspiring community as you train. Make friendships that will last beyond your career.
Whatever help you need to reach success, our extensive support societies, with special focus on diverse groups, will get you there.
Start off your career working for a global client, giving you recognition and credibility for your resume.
Your training doesn't stop when you start work. We'll help drive continuous professional development to keep you career progressing.
Our hiring and training processes are built to be fast and efficient, getting you in place to start your career as quickly as possible.
What it looks like

Your training

Year 1

Become part of a team working remotely or on a client site. You'll be a valued contributor, taking part in daily stand-ups in an Agile environment. You'll grow your experience with daily mentoring from the Team Lead and Continuous Professional Development towards the main industry standard certification for your technology specialism e.g. Pega CSSA, Splunk Architect.

Year 2

Continue building your experience with remote or on-site work, taking on tasks and projects with increasing velocity and complexity. You'll keep improving the quality of your delivery with continued mentorship and training in your technology specialism.

Years 3-4

You'll start working towards the highest level of industry certification in your specialisation e.g. Pega LSA; Splunk Consultant. You'll also have the chance to specialise your skill set even further to best prepare you for the industry sector you want to work in. You'll start  mentoring junior consultants and take on more planning and leadership activities.

Years 4+

Highly trained and specialised, you'll become an invaluable asset in the industry, taking on responsible and prestigious roles like Development Lead, System Architect and Subject Matter Expert.


Learn your tech

EP 1

5 min
EP 2

4 min
EP 3

4 min
EP 4

4 min
EP 5

6 min
EP 6

5 min
EP 7

3 min
EP 8

2 min
EP 9

3 min
EP 10

2 min
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the training?

Our training is bespoke,  the average length of the training is around 8 weeks. However, this can differ from role to role & is based on the tech stack you will be trained in.

Is the training remote?

Training is fully remote for majority of our roles. However, should the end client request an in-person training, you will be told up front during the recruitment process.  

Am I paid during the training?

Yes you will be fully paid from day one of the training period & you will gain a salary increase upon deployment to the client site, following training.

Am I employed from day one of training?

Yes, you will be in a full-time permanent position from day one of training with us.

Do you have any remote positions?

Most of our graduate roles are either office based or hybrid. We believe working in an office environment has many benefits for gaining role experience. You will have access to your seniors and mentors who can help you with questions & support you in solving technical issues. Being on site also helps with relationship building and integrating into the client’s culture.

How often do you recruit?

We recruit on a monthly basis all year around, globally. Please check our career site for any suitable vacancies & apply directly. If your application is suitable, a member of the recruitment team will reach out to you directly.

What is the recruitment process?

The recruitment process can differ, role to role. However, our standard process would be, a candidate applies to one of our open vacancy via our SkillsNow platform. You will be asked to follow a series of steps, such as: completing an application form. Uploading your resume & completing our timed numerical reasoning test. Should you pass the test, the recruiter will give you a call & discuss the role in more details and check your eligibility & skillset for the position. If this is a match & you’re happy with the role, we’ll get you booked onto a technical interview which would be conducted via MS Teams with one of our Interviewers and we’ll follow up with feedback fairly quickly.

Do you only hire STEM Graduates for the tech roles?

All of our Technical Graduate roles require you to have a degree with mostly a 2.1 & above or 3.3 GPA & above. The preference is having a STEM degree, however should you hold a non-STEM degree & have done various courses in object oriented programming languages such as: Java, Python, C# or C++ & have a passion for technology, we’ll be happy to consider you for our graduate roles.

I want to get into Tech but I do not have a STEM degree, what steps do I take?

We would recommend you to take away some online programming courses in one of the object orientated programming languages (Python, Java, C#, C++). We would recommend Python as it’s the easiest out of all of the languages. There are plenty of free sites & YouTube videos for you to learn from. You would need to spend a good chunk of time learning these & we’d recommend setting up a GitHub account, as you can apply the skills you have learnt & upload your projects onto Github.

Do you recruit only in the UK or globally?

We recruit graduates on a global level. It's all dependent on our end client and the projects you would be working on. You will know during the recruitment process as to where the role is. As we recruit each role for the specific locations. You can also check the advertised role's location before applying.

If I failed the Numerical Reasoning Test/Interview- How long do I wait before re-applying?

If you were to fail either the test or an interview. We ask that you wait for 3 months from when you completed the test/Interview before re-applying to any of our future vacancies.

Do all of your roles require Security Clearance?

Most of our roles require Security Clearance. There are some roles which do not require Security Clearance. This is wholly dependent on our end clients as you maybe put onto projects which require you to have a certain degree of clearance before you can work on these projects. A member of the recruitment team will ask you some eligibility questions to determine your suitability.

Would I gain certifications at the end of the training period?

This is dependent on each role/technical pathway. Our in-house specialist training team will give you a bespoke training which will enable you to apply the skills & knowledge you have learnt, on your end client projects. Now, only some of these roles may require you to gain a certification. For example a Testing role may require you to gain an ISTQB certification.

Are you a recruitment agency?

We are not a recruitment agency. We’re an IT Consultancy organisation who help, upskills & re-skills talent within the tech space. As often, graduates struggle to find the right role & most roles ask for some experience whether that’s internships or a placement year. With The Software Institute, you will gain real world experience & the necessary training to be able to kickstart a successful career with us.

What does the progression look like?

This is completely down to you as there are endless opportunities. After going through intense training with us & working on our end client site, you will have gained invaluable experience with us. After around a year or so, client may offer you a role to work directly for them, this will result in a potential pay rise & will give you an edge for progressing further into your career.