Optimise your Splunk investment and turn data into doing, with The Software Institute.


The unified security  and observability platform for the Enterprise, Splunk enables customers to go  from visibility to action, fast and at scale.  

A long-standing partner, TSI ensure customers environments are secure and their data is accessible regardless of source. We uniquely provide customers with the ability to become self-sufficient in managing their data and environments, whilst establishing SecOps and Data capabilities for organizations to help optimize their business and services.


Whether deploying Splunk Enterprise or Splunk  Cloud, TSI experts turn data into doing, and advise customers on strategies to unify data across silo’s, improve business insights and increase  collaboration.  

Helping organizations move to the cloud,modernize applications and IT requires an in-depth knowledge of system performance, health and reliability to best exploit and present data into dashboards to provide meaningful outcomes.



Adopting industry best practice and current  guidelines, we scale Security Operations teams, complimented by our Splunk  experts.  

We develop intricate integrations across data silo’s to provide end to end visibility of threats and help reduce business risk, accelerate investigation and response times whilst ensuring you build strong, long term cyber defense capabilities, and automate repetitive tasks so that originations focus on critical operational activity.


Using Splunk’s unique full stack, analytics powered open telemetry  data solution, TSIs Observability teams take the guesswork and swivel chair monitoring activity away from organizations and help them focus on  operational issues that require rapid resolution.  

 Our experts provide guidance and technical  know how to get the most out of the full range of Splunk Observability  products to get customers closer to their business and respond faster.



Scale fast and with confidence with our  unique L+n model to build your Splunk Capability regardless of product,  solution or use case, whilst delivering secure and resilient applications  providing business critical outcomes and breaking down organizational and technology silo’s.  

We ensure that you transform at speed with security in mind, integrating your critical infrastructure and data, whilst  you retain IP and lower TCO.