Work with TSI and Elastic to scale mountains of data and act on insights, fast. Get unified visibility into your infrastructure and apps. Protect against cyber threats. Turn data into decisions with Elastic.


Find what you need faster with TSI and Elastic.

Implement powerful, modern search and discovery experiences with TSI and Elasticsearch. Our experts develop wide range of 'Use Cases' from database search and enterprise system offloading to ecommerce, customer support, workplace content and websites.


Data-driven insights and actions are now more important than ever before. Observability is essential in understanding operational challenges and opportunities.

TSI work with Elastic to help customers monitor and gain insights across their data, applications, and architecture. We aggerate data into Elastic, provide a 'single source of truth', break down silos with end-to-end observability, on a single platform.


TSI Security experts work with Elastic to provide a single source of truth that provides end-to-end visibility and awareness to tackle threats when they arise. Continuous monitoring, automated threat protection, investigation and response, and threat hunting are brought together into the Elastic Platform to secure your organizational data and applications.


Multi-cloud and hybrid architectures provide a balance of scale and security, and ensures data resides when and where needed for its intended purpose. TSI Cloud experts advise and guide customers on their cloud strategy, and deploy Elastic in the Cloud environment optimized to provide value and visibility of your data in one application, seamlessly bridging data and application silos.


Business and data silo’s slow digital transformation and create unnecessary operational complexity. Elastics ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash) breaks down silo’s, allowing TSI experts to take data from any source, in any format and make it searchable, easy analyze and visualize.


Scale fast and with confidence with our unique L+n model to build your Elastic Capability regardless of product, solution or use case, whilst delivering secure and resilient applications providing business critical outcomes and breaking down organizational and technology silo’s.

We ensure that you transform at speed with security in mind, integrating your critical infrastructure and data, whilst you retain IP and lower TCO.