Work with Cribl and The Software Institute to ensure you to take control of your Observability and Security Data.


Partnering with Cribl and TSI allows organizations to take control of data, and provides them with the comfort that their telemetry,security and observability data is available regardless of source and silo and optimised for performance a lowering TCO. 

Vendor lock in is reduced via connectivity at any source, with integrations defined by vendor-specific formats


 Cribl provides organizations with the freedom and flexibility to take control of their data, regardless of where this resides.  

With Cribl Stream, Edge and Search organisation scan access their data from their existing data infrastructure to the Edge, with little to no data migration, reducing cost and increasing visibility.


Regardless of data source, type or silo, our experts deploy Cribl Stream to provide organizations the flexibility to collect, reduce, enrich, normalize, and route data from any source to any destination within their existing data infrastructure.


TSI Observability teams work with industry leading tools to ensure complete data visibility across the enterprise.

Specializing in Cribl Edge provides customers with an intelligent, highly scalable edge-based data collection system for logs, metrics, and application data. Our experts turn this data into action insights.


With the continued increase in structured and unstructured data being produced on a daily basis, optimising how organizations access,interrogate and utilize this data is critical.

TSI works with Cribl Search to optimize companies’operations and the ability to make decisions in the moment, improve security and reduce risk and cost.


Scale fast and with confidence with our unique L+n model to build your Cribl Capability regardless of product or use case. As your investment in Cribl grows,your connectivity increases, and use cases expand, its critical you have the right skills and certified resource to remain aware and secure.

We ensure that you transform at speed with security in mind, integrating your critical infrastructure and data, whilst you retain IP and lower TCO.