My Top 5 Best Moments at TSI Engage 2022

My Top 5 Best Moments at TSI Engage 2022

The build-up to #TSIEngage2022 was intense. We had a lot to plan, a lot to create and a lot of excitement stored inside. So, we got to work and split up the jobs amongst ourselves. I took care of creating the TSI roller banner, selfie board and merch (t-shirts, hats, lanyards and ID cards for all employees) and had these ready in time for the event to be distributed upon arrival.

Personally, I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew we’d all have an amazing time, sightseeing, learning and spending time with one another – and I was right! So, just to give you an insight of what to expect for next year, I have put together my Top 5 Best Moments at TSI Engage 2022.

1.      Travelling together

Now I must admit, I am not the most confident of flyers (the thought of turbulence unsettles my stomach) but just knowing that I was travelling with my team, and that I was in safe hands put me at ease. We met up altogether, at Stanstead Airport, had a bite to eat then jetted off to Palma de Mallorca.

Whilst on the flight, we bumped into a few of our consultants, made connections with other flyers sitting next to us and cracked loads of jokes – this made our journey extremely quick and worthwhile.

Soon after we landed in Palma De Mallorca, we jumped into a taxi taking us straight to the hotel; and I just couldn’t resist grabbing a cheeky group selfie before taking off!

We passed a variety of buildings and took many pictures of the stunning views which led to vast amounts of excitement being built up. We just couldn’t wait to arrive!


2.      Welcome drinks/ Meeting the consultants/Team building exercises

Shortly after arriving to the hotel, we were greeted by the Consultant Engagement Managers, Miles Cronin and Dominic Kayne. We were then given #TSIEngage2022 Merch (which consists of a t-shirt, hat, ID card + a lanyard), water and the key cards to our rooms.

After settling in our rooms, we had the privilege of meeting and mingling with all staff including consultants from various locations.

It was a truly incredible moment to finally meet individuals face-to-face, as we’re so use to communicating with employees via Microsoft Teams or Outlook.

Alongside small refreshments, we later migrated inside to play games as a collective such as “Heads Up” before exploring the Spanish resort town, Magaluf.

3.      The Merch

Saturday morning marked the start of each presentation. We all wore our TSI Engage 2022 tops and lanyards as we entered the boardroom ready to kickstart the day. The weather was incredible. The views were mind-blowing, and I was eager to learn about the future endeavours The Software Institute had planned- including the continued global expansion.

It was genuinely a surreal moment seeing everyone in their merch; we were all together as one.


4.      Presentations

It was great to finally meet and hear from significant figures within the TSI management team, from Tony, Andrew, Gareth, Roy, Stuart, Phil, Tom, Harriet and much more. Each gave informative and insightful talks ranging from Consultancy, The SkillsNow Platform, Cyber Security, The Software Institute X NETbuilder partnership and much more.

One major highlight for me was the presentation led by Phil Steadman. Phil highlighted the importance of Cyber Security and why we all must be aware of it. He took to the stage asking the audience to “stand up if you are connected to the hotel Wi-Fi”, so we all stood in agreement not realising that in fact, we had been connected to Phil’s personal Wi-Fi this whole time. The realisation left everyone in utter shock, and I believe this was a brilliant way to kickstart an important talk about the importance of Cyber Security.


5.      Purobeach – End of presentation BBQ

To conclude the presentations, we were invited to a BBQ located at Purobeach. We were greeted with food, drink, music and a ridiculously sized selfie board – which I absolutely loved! We all grouped together to take a variety of silly pictures whilst getting to know one another better as the sun began to set.

I really enjoyed speaking with the consultants. I learned about different cultures, backgrounds and even found out that I lived local to a few London based consultants.  

We were all later surprised by a particular unexpected fluffy pet that didn’t seem to be on the guest list. The cutest little black cat came to join our table before manoeuvring between the others – this particular picture was taken by one of our Technical Trainers, Ash, and it’s absolutely adorable!

My overall experience at the TSI Engage 2022, was amazing, and I would definitely recommend it to those who weren’t able to attend. Not only did we have the privilege of travelling to another country, but we also learnt a lot about the business as a whole and where The Software Institute is heading in the near future.

I am extremely grateful that I was able to celebrate my 1- year anniversary working at The Software Institute in Palma De Mallorca, and I look forward to many more years to come.

Thank you TSI!

Jenise Chisholm
January 17, 2023