Splunk Delivery & Enablement

The Software Institute (TSI) enables the Splunk eco-system including partners and customers, with new talent, and increased certified transferable permanent capacity to ensure successful delivery of digital transformation programmes.

We scale Splunk capability fast, with high quality, in country, in any geography, whilst offering burstable offshore resources to further lower Total Cost of Ownership and provide expert services where necessary to increase quality and velocity.

We believe a successful outcome is delivered when you are enabled and self-sufficient. We work closely with you having shared accountability and joint ownership of the business outcome and future enablement.

Continuous professional development is at the core of what we do, our Engineers maintain up to date Splunk platform knowledge to ensure that you maximise the value of your investment by understanding best practice, and what’s new and emerging that can be exploited for future benefit.

Splunk, the Unified Security and Observability Platform

Customers choose Splunk for three core reasons:

1.      To Enhance Security- Splunk helps modernise SecOps across any environment, resulting in more efficient and agile Security operations Centres (SOCs).

2.      Drive Resilience- Splunk provides real time views of application health and performance, throughout the stack so that customers can proactively find and resolve issues and optimise performance.

3.      Unlock Innovation- Splunk provides the ability to identify new insights and opportunities in customer data, allowing for innovation at scale across secure and reliant systems.                                      

Splunk Approach

Splunk actively promote a healthy eco-system and the need for customers to engage the most suitable partners to help deliver the outcomes they desire, and also invest in their own capability to optimise their investment in the platform.

Splunk Professional Services often deliver the first project/ MVP, however, urge customers to establish their own in house Splunk capability as early as possible.

This ensures customers fully understand how their platform has been configured, all critical data integrations, and playbooks that have been created to automate and provide full and transparent visibility of data across their organisations.

Ultimately customers will then be able to rapidly respond to threats, manage outages and performance issues, and maintain a resilient architecture.

Regardless of your use case for investing in Splunk, The Software Institute is uniquely positioned to not only design and deploy your Splunk applications, in any geography, but also provide necessary skills and capability that will remain with you and help establish your own SOC, Observability Practice and SecDevOps teams.