Software Development + Testing

TSI deploy rapidly, with high-quality code, which is secure by design.


TSI software engineers play a key role in working with organizations to understand their needs and goals for their critical applications.

From conducting interviews and running focus groups, to prototyping, TSI experts ensure that requirements are complete, consistent, and feasible, and outcomes are delivered on time and within budget.


TSI experts define overall structure and organization of mission critical applications, including creation of high-level design, architecture and component breakdowns.

We work to ensure customer applications are developed with the right technology, are scalable, maintainable, and efficient, and aligned to customers overall architectural strategy.


From creation of  wireframes, prototypes, and mock-ups of the UI, to definition  of user flows and interactions within the system, TSI UI/UX Developers are responsible for ensuring that UI’s are accessible, functional, efficient, and easy to use, and are implemented to meet evolving customer requirements.


TSI experts develop accessible applications that are secure by design.  Working with customers, we create high-performance systems using a wide range of programming languages aligned to their architecture, integrating with their mission critical applications and data sources to deliver the outcomes required to improve business systems.


Ensuring high-quality code that is free of defects is critical to the development of high performance, resilient and secure applications.

TSI Test experts provide expertise in manual and automated methodologies, tools and techniques, whilst developers use TDD to improve code quality and reduce time to deployment. Including iterative and agile development, we deploy quickly,with high quality.


TSI work with leading software deployment management technologies to ensure customers experience seamless transition throughout their CI/CD pipeline, including the use of latest feature CI, infrastructure as code and feature flagging technologies.

Whether deploying Cloud native (PaaS), into Cloud infrastructure (IaaS) or on premise,our engineers help customers to manage complex release cycles, troubleshoot production issues and maintain high availability applications.


Whether defining and refining user stories and acceptance criteria, or providing estimates, TSI help customers gain clarity on deliverables and how to succeed in an Agile way of working.

From identification to resolution of technical risks, to continuously learning and adapting to new technologies, TSI provide value at each point of interaction and ensure critical applications are delivered when required, to the business.