Cyber Security

The Software Institute Expert Services help the world's most successful companies, Government Departments, and Agencies to secure their data, applications, and environments, regardless of architectural preference or hybrid infrastructure.


TSI Expert Services help the world’s most successful companies, government departments and agencies to secure their data, applications, and environments, regardless of architectural preference or hybrid infrastructure.

Ensuring companies understand threats, reduce MTTR and reduce risk is critical in the digital age, and design mission virtual systems that are built with security in mind.


It is critical organizations protect data,communications, and networks, as well as customers through consistent design and architecture aligned to current guidance and best practice. TSI Experts work with Security Operations to model threats and conduct maturity assessments to prioritise controls that effectively and continuously manage risk.


Automation is at the heart of our security engineering. Working alongside our architects we can build out your systems with security at the forefront of our builds.


We design and develop policy and procedures that enable effective risk management and the ability to stand up and run a resilient and responsive Cyber Security practice within organizations. We align our practices to regulatory requirements ensuring you are certified and compliant.


Through continual risk analysis, auditing, and deployment of ongoing prevention techniques, TSI will implement policies and methods with organisations that identify risks and potential exposure to breaches and develop strategies and mitigations we can implement., and regulatory and certification requirements will be met.


TSI red teams search and exploit entry points into networks, assess the overall level of exploitation possible within environments, and assess operational risk and security weaknesses.

Throughout engagement, organisations will better understand their security strengths and weaknesses, and have visibility of a comprehensive implementation strategy to embed robust controls into their operations and environment.


Our experts we can support and enable your team in techniques to help mitigate simulated attacks, analyse information systems to locate security vulnerabilities, test the effectiveness of controls, and provide tools and techniques for continual security defence. We partner with the most trusted vendors in the Security space and use the latest intelligence to analyse data and systems to ensure effective incident detection and response.


TSI can assist and help you build out your labs,or we can host these for you using our automated systems