Cribl Delivery and Enablement

The Software Institute (TSI) enables the Cribl eco-system including partners and customers, with new talent, and increased certified transferable permanent capacity to ensure successful delivery of digital transformation programs.

We scale Cribl capability fast, with high quality, in country, in any geography, whilst offering burstable offshore resources to further lower Total Cost of Ownership and provide expert services where necessary to increase quality and velocity.

We believe a successful outcome is delivered when you are enabled and self-sufficient. We work closely with you having shared accountability and joint ownership of the business outcome and future enablement.

Continuous professional development is at the core of what we do, our Engineers maintain up to date Cribl platform knowledge to ensure that you maximize the value of your investment by understanding best practice, and what’s new and emerging that can be exploited for future benefit.

Cribl, Take Control of your Data

Cribl provides Enterprises with the freedom and flexibility to take control of their data, regardless of where this resides.

With Cribl Stream, Edge and Search organizations can access their data from their existing data infrastructure to the Edge, with little to no data migration, reducing cost and increasing visibility.

Partnering with Cribl and TSI provides customers with the comfort that their telemetry, security and observability data and environments are stabilized, standardized and optimized for performance a lowering TCO.

Vendor lock in is reduced via connectivity at any source, with integrations defined by vendor-specific formats.

As your investment in Cribl grows, your connectivity increases, and use cases expand, its critical you have the right skills and certified to main aware and secure. Speak to TSI today to find out how we can help you scale your Cribl Observability practice and platform.