Cloud Computing

TSI Partner with the worlds leading Cloud and Cloud Native vendors to provide value add services to deliver transformation at scale.


TSI Partner with the worlds leading Cloud and Cloud Native vendors to provide value add services to deliver transformation at scale.

By gaining a thorough understanding of customers as is and to be architecture, and cloud strategy, we adapt engagement models to suit, and provide end to end design and delivery with self-sufficiency the end goal.


Taking a holistic view of Cloud, whether hyper-scaler (AWS,GCP, Azure), SaaS, Private or Public, TSI’s Cloud expertise ensures organizations seamlessly add and improve cloud services over time.

Through intelligent design and architecture, we work to increase efficiency of new services and improve customer business efficiency and customer outcomes.


By leveraging the full benefits of Cloud or Hybrid architecture, we focus on the need for dynamic resources to scale on demand and allow for customers to remain agile.

By providing cost-effective delivery of your on-demand cloud services, and adaptive engagement models we ensure that organizations maximise their investments and continue to transform.


Providing an end-to-end Data capability, TSI Teams deliver integration across your data silos and work with industry leading tools to provide customers with full visibility across their environments.

To manage the ongoing complexity of Cloud, we guide organizations in adopting best practice and bring knowledge sharing to establish customer capability that helps to reduce errors, decrease threats’,and gain a better understanding of their data business critical data.


To gain the full benefits of cloud enablement, we promote secure by design. Finding the right security posture and understanding data and environments is essential.

Once secure environments are established, we make sure customers understand how to maintain and continue safe operations and balance risk and cost.


TSI Cloud Engineers develop seamless solutions that traverse Cloud, Physical Infrastructure and SaaS/PaaS to establish consistent operations and continuous services.

Through discovery we design and develop mission critical solutions that bring business value and improve customer lifetime value and will advise on strategy and best practice where this provides benefit.


Scale fast and with confidence with our unique L+n model to build your Cloud Capabilities regardless of platform, product or use case. As your investments in Cloud transformation grow, and use cases expand, its critical you have the right skills and certified resource.